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Our legacy platform is being decommissioned

Access to our legacy portal will end on 30th April 2021. All services still active on the legacy platform after this date will be migrated to the new platform on Sunday 16th May, 2021 between midnight and 5am (Melbourne time).
Breeze Connect migrated to a new platform in February 2020. Since then, we have migrated over 97.5% of services from our legacy platform while co-ordinating with our resellers and customers.

The time has now come for us to decommission our legacy platform. Our legacy platform (also known as “Breeze 1.0”) runs on a single node maintained by a third party and has been subject to multiple outages outside of our control.

Will this change affect you?

This change will only affect customers who still have active services on our legacy platform (also known as “Breeze 1.0”). Most customers who signed up with Breeze Connect after February 2020 are already on the new platform.
Unsure which platform you are on? Simply check the logo on your most recent Breeze Connect invoice:

If your invoice has the old logo (pictured above) you are on the legacy platform.

If your invoice has our current logo you are already on the new platform and this change does not affect you.

About our new platform

The new platform provides several advantages over the old platform, including (but not limited to):

Redundant, clustered infrastructure with improved reliability and uptime

Improved partner/customer portal and
self-service tools

Improved automated billing and call rating,
auto-payments and itemised billing available

How to migrate

If you contact the Breeze Connect before 30th April 2021 we can co-ordinate the migration with you and complete the cut-over on the spot without disruption to calls. This will require you to re-configure your PBX or other SIP device(s).
If you don’t contact us, we will migrate your service to the new platform on Sunday 16th May, 2021 between midnight to 5am (Melbourne time). There will be a disruption to inbound calls for up to 1 hour during this migration window. Outbound calls should not be affected.

Important note: Mass migration will be performed by updating existing DNS records for SIP registration. If your PBX or SIP device(s) are currently registering to an IP address instead of FQDN you will need to update your device configuration before Sunday 16th May, 2021 to avoid service disruption.

Frequently asked questions

I have not started my migration yet. What should I do?

Please contact  the Breeze Connect support team immediately if you wish to have a managed/co-ordinated migration.


If you do not contact Breeze Connect by 30th April 2021 then your service will be subject to a mass migration.

Do I need to update the configuration in my PBX or SIP device(s)?

If you complete our managed migration process you will be provided with new registration details to configure in your PBX or SIP device(s).


If your service is migrated en masse no changes are required providing you are using the recommended Breeze Connect settings.


As our IP addresses will change, this means you should be registering your SIP trunk to sip.breezeconnect.com.au or fax.breezeconnect.com.au.


If you are currently registering direct to an IP address you will need to update your device configuration.

What happens if I have not migrated by 30th April 2021?

All services which are still active on the legacy platform after 30th April 2021 will be mass migrated by our support team on Sunday May 16th 2021 between midnight and 5am (Melbourne time). There will be some disruption to inbound calls during this window.

Will there be service downtime during the migration process?

If you contact the Breeze Connect support team to arrange a managed/co-ordinated migration process before 30th April 2021 your migration can be completed on the spot minimal downtime.


If your service is moved as part of our mass migration process then downtime of up to 1 hour for inbound calls is expected during the migration window: midnight to 5am (Melbourne time) on Sunday 16th May, 2021.


Once your service has been migrated (either co-ordinated or bulk) inbound calls will continue to come via the existing legacy carrier to the new platform via an SBC.


All migrated numbers will be moved from the legacy carrier to the new carrier at a later date to be advised. On the day of this transfer a short interruption to inbound calls (5-10 minutes) is expected.

What if I need to make changes to my service after 30th April 2021?

Self-service via the legacy portal will be unavailable after 30th April 2021.


Customers will be provided with access to the new Breeze Portal after the bulk migration process is completed (from 17th May 2021).


Partners will need to contact Breeze Connect and sign/return their partner agreement if they do not already have access to the new portal.


To make changes to your service between these dates, please contact the Breeze Connect Support Team for assistance.

Will there be any change to the cost of my plan/calls?

No. All migrated accounts will be placed on the same plan.


Breeze Connect’s standard rates have not changed.

When will I receive my first bill from the new platform?

Your first bill on the new platform will be issued at the beginning of June 2021 for the month of April. This will include the subscription (plan) charges for the full month of May.


You may receive a final bill from the 1.0 platform for any un-included calls made between 1st May 2021 and when the service is migrated (16th May 2021)

What will be different on my new bill?

Our new platform generates PDF bills with better visibility of itemised charges.


Invoices from the new platform will no longer come from Xero – they will be sent direct from Breeze Connect.

I have saved my payment method in Xero. Will this be used to pay bills with the new platform?

No. As the new platform does not use Xero for invoicing, any payment method you have currently saved will not apply.


You can easily make a credit card payment for an invoice from our new platform at our pay my bill page. You can also setup automatic payment via credit card by contacting Breeze Connect support or via the new self-service portal.

What if I don't want to move to the new platform?

Please contact Breeze Connect immediately to advise if you do not wish to be migrated.


As the legacy platform will be decommissioned in May you will be required to port your number(s) to a new service provider.


If you do not contact Breeze Connect prior to 30th April 2021 then you will be migrated.