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Hosted PBX gives you the same functionality of having
a big business phone system in your office.

Going with Breeze connect hosted solution, will offer you the flexibility to set your own telephony requirements and get big business features on a small budget.

With Breeze Connect Hosted PBX, you get:

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Smart call processing technology on one powerful platform

Getting a business phone system usually meant installing bulky, costly, and complicated equipment in the office. Now, with Hosted PBX phone systems taking front and centre, it has become the phone service choice of businesses due to its convenience and affordability.


Scalable Phone System

Flexibility & customization on demand


Enterprise-grade Reliability
& Performance

Reliability with high-performing infrastructure.

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Fast Setup with Minimal

Set up quickly. Low-level maintenance.

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Breeze Connect Hosted PBX phone systems support a full range of advanced yet cost-effective features that boost your productivity and gives your business a professional image.


If you are interested, please share your details below, so that you do not miss the unveiling of our Hosted solution.