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Breeze Connect is a leading Australian-based telecommunications company offering you the opportunity to join our league of wholesale VoIP providers. We offer SIP services at cheap rates to help you maximize additional revenue in today’s highly competitive markets.

By becoming one of Breeze Connects wholesale VoIP providers, you can sell your own unified communication solutions based on your client’s needs. Additionally, partnering with us can help you position your business as an industry leader.

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What is Wholesale VoIP?

Wholesale means the price point of our VoIP service comes down for you, and you can generate regular revenue as you offer it to your own customers to meet their business needs.

It is a VoIP service offering where a carrier typically provides large volumes of voice communications to other service providers enabling them to expand their reach and footprint for VoIP calls on their platform made by end-users.

Breeze Connect is offering you two options for wholesale:


where you bring your own soft switch and Breeze connect supplies
you with the SIP connection and DIDs.

Managed Service

Breeze Connect offers the SIP service along with a self-service portal with access to our soft switch. We manage the infrastructure and assist with technical support.

grow your business

Why Breeze Connect wholesale?

We’ve done a lot of the groundwork and laid foundations so our partners can provide their own VoIP solution in a way that best suits their needs. We’ve helped many customers grow their businesses by becoming our channel partners, and we want to help you do the same as our wholesale partner.

With a robust and well-maintained infrastructure and a solid reputation, our sip service is easy to use. So why not join our list of VoIP service providers and grow your business with us?

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Steps to become a VoIP provider:

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Step 1: Do your research.

If you’re serious about kickstarting a business in the VoIP space, you need to start by doing comprehensive research and becoming a VoIP expert.

Becoming 100% familiar with the VoIP market, how VoIP works, and best-in-class technology will be crucial in establishing trust with new customers.

Step 2: Hardware & software

You must establish secure servers, optimize bandwidth, and set up hardware and software infrastructure for your customers. You also need to oversee these technologies on a day-to-day basis as well as make sure that customers are happy with the service. Make sure you choose the right soft switch. The more efficient your soft switch device, the more income is likely to be generated.

You can also choose to be become a Managed service partner, where you don't have to worry about managing your own soft switch. Breeze Connect can give you access to the portal, and you can manage the services for your customers.

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Step 3: Choose the right supplier.

With the right supplier, it’s easy to have a successful business, but with a bad supplier, you are likely to encounter technical problems, such as dropped connections, bad routes, 503 errors, and capacity issues. Therefore, choosing the right supplier is of great significance when setting up your business.

Breeze Connect has its infrastructure hosted in Equinix data centres in Sydney. The date centre is certified with:

• SOC 1 Type II • SOC 2 Type II • ISO 27001

Our infrastructure is supported by multiple carriers with multiple call routing connections providing high redundancy. Our services are decentralized to mitigate single point of failure.

We have implemented multiples policies and regulations that protects the system and the customer against issues such as toll fraud.

Step 4: Get certified to gain credibility.

The VoIP market is cutthroat and to survive you need to ensure you are credible and your customers can trust your service. You need to ensure you are registered with TIO and are a certified member of Commcompliance & CommsAlliance.

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Step 5: Find customers and grow your business.

The next goal is to find clients. You might start with one client and ensure that you can meet all that client’s VoIP needs, and then once that is done, you might find one more and then the next one until your entire network is established.

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Information on wholesale structure, prices and other terms and conditions will be discussed individually for each application