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Choose Australia’s most trusted 1300 number provider.

Your business 1300 phone number can work as a powerful tool for your business. As a virtual business phone number, 1300 numbers can be customized to help you manage your incoming calls the best way it suits you.

Whether you’re a small business operating from home or a large organization with multiple offices, Breeze Connect 1300 numbers can take the leg work out of managing your business calls and offers great flexibility.


Want to know how 1300 numbers actually work?

1300 numbers are designed to help your business do so much more than just receiving incoming calls. Not only are they completely flexible and portable, they are loaded with features allowing you to direct to different answer points at different times and days.

1300 numbers work like a professional switchboard, without the price tag and complex set up.

With one easy monthly fee to host your 1300 number on our system, you can get set up within one business day with no contracts or heavy investment.


What are 1300 numbers?

1300 numbers are a ten-digit inbound number that your business can use as a single point of contact across Australia, allowing you to attract customers from outside of your local area.

1300 numbers are often referred to as ‘local call numbers’ because your customers can call you from any landline anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call. Since 1300 numbers are virtual business numbers, you can redirect your calls to different answer points depending on how your business operates.

Plan & Pricing

1300 Number Price

$ 10 Monthly
  • Setup: Free
  • Cost to receive: 8.5c/min

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Shop for available 1800 numbers from a provider you can trust.

When you sign up for an 1800 number with Breeze Connect, you know you’re backed by over a decade’s experience as a top inbound number provider in Australia.

Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise or a not-for-profit organisation, getting an 1800 phone number is a great way to attract more callers to your business.

1800 numbers give callers the freedom to call your business from any fixed lined in Australia completely toll-free for the whole duration of the call.

So how do you want your 1800 number to work for you?

1800 numbers work in much the same way as all other inbound number services. You can have your 1800 number service configured to efficiently manage your incoming call flows based on time and day, or location of caller such as area or state.

Your calls can be redirected to one or more answer points based on availability. For example, you can redirect your 1800 number call to your mobile when it is unanswered on your office phone after a few rings.

Whether you answer on a landline or mobile, the cost of 1800 number calls are fully shouldered by your business, giving your callers the confidence to call anytime from anywhere in Australia.

What’s so special about 1800 numbers?

1800 phone numbers are virtual business numbers designed to give Australian business like yours better control over your inbound call flows. While most of the features and benefits are the same as 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers are essentially free-call numbers, meaning callers are not charged when dialling from any fixed line in Australia.

For this reason, 1800 numbers are also widely recognized as toll-free business numbers. By giving callers the convenience of free calls, 1800 numbers are great for promoting your business or organisation, as well as using them for short-term campaigns or events.

Plan & Pricing

1800 Number Price

$ 10 Monthly
  • Setup: Free
  • Cost to receive: 12c/min

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