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We’re upgrading our infrastructure

Breeze Connect will be performing an infrastructure upgrade in May 2021.

Breeze Connect will be undertaking an infrastructure upgrade soon. This will allow us to deliver a better, more reliable service to you in addition to releasing some exciting new products and features in the near future.

Due to unforseen circumstances the upcoming maintenance scheduled for this Saturday (15th May) has been postponed. The new maintenance window is expected to be Saturday 22nd May 2021 between 2am and 5am but it’s not confirmed yet – we’ll let you know once it is.

When is the upgrade happening?

On Saturday 22nd May, 2021 between 2am and 5am (Sydney time) – TO BE CONFIRMED.

Will this affect me?

Customers may experience up to 1 hour of downtime for inbound calls only during the maintenance window.

This will only affect delivery of calls via the SIP trunk. If the SIP trunk has forwarding rules in place these will continue to work.

There will be no impact to outbound calls.

It is important to ensure that you are using a standard configuration. If you are unsure if your configuration is standard, please read the “Checking your existing configuration” section below.

If you are actively using your service during the maintenance window

If you are actively using your SIP service during the maintenance window and cannot afford up to 1 hour of downtime for inbound calls only, please contact Breeze Connect support ASAP to discuss a workaround. If the volume of calls you expect to receive during this period is low, we recommend configuring your SIP trunk forwarding settings to direct calls to a mobile (or group of mobiles) instead.

The workaround will require you to temporarily register an additional SIP trunk which Breeze will use to deliver inbound calls while the upgrade is in progress.

Checking your existing configuration

1. Are you currently registering all SIP trunks using DNS?

All SIP trunks should be registering to the SIP server voice.breezeconnect.com.au (or in some instances a specific node such as sip.dc1.breezeconnect.com.au).

Under no circumstances should you be registering direct to an IP address (such as

2. Do you restrict inbound or outbound SIP/RTP traffic in your firewall using IP ACLs?

The IP addresses currently used for our primary and secondary SIP clusters will be changing when we perform our infrastructure upgrade.

If your current firewall configuration limits inbound/outbound traffic for SIP/RTP traffic to our current IP range then this will need to be updated.

You can find a current list of all Breeze Connect IPs here.

If you have further questions or concerns

For any other questions or concerns regarding our infrastructure upgrade, please contact Breeze Connect support.